Data is one of the most valuable assets that your business has and downtime can be extremely costly. It is vital to have secure online backup in place, ensuring that data is securely protected and can be accessed on-demand in the event of a loss, breach or failure.

You may think that traditional backup and recovery solutions are sufficient to protect your data, but there are drawbacks to physical storage. It requires manual management and protection, and it can also lead to unforeseen challenges with reliability and cost as data volumes increase.

Unlike traditional or legacy solutions, Network Armour’s cloud backup and recovery does not require a dedicated server for backups or physical storage media such as tape or disk. This eliminates both the need for manual management and the need for expensive upfront investment into hardware.

Secure Online Backup in Lincolnshire

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Network Armour's cloud-based backup and recovery solutions provide the reliability and peace of mind that all businesses and business owners need. Our backup and recovery solutions ensure that data is securely encrypted before it leaves your site, preventing unauthorised access.

Data is replicated to two secure UK data centres, ensuring data sovereignty and adding resilience. Our automated solutions save a lot of staff time and reduce the impact of human error, as well as offering a more reliable and cost-effective solution.

Redstor Technology


Network Armour provides pioneering backup and recovery technology in partnership with Redstor, a proven and trusted provider of cloud-based solutions used by over 40,000 clients worldwide.

This means that data can be streamed in real time to any device, making downtime a thing of the past and ensuring recovery of data when you need it most.

Our solution can give you the ability to securely automate cloud archiving, the ability to centrally search through your data for compliance purposes and also to recover a full site in the event of a disaster.

Visit Redstor's website and learn more about their recovery technology.

IDC predicts that by 2025 there will be 175ZB in the data sphere and estimates say that 90% of all data that currently exists has been created in the last two years.