When data is backed up to an on-site or nearby off-site location, there is always the risk that a cyber attack could see both the original and the backup destroyed, resulting in a catastrophic loss of data.

Cloud storage prevents this issue by storing data in remote locations, ensuring that it will be safe in the event of an attack.

By providing a scalable and flexible network solution, the cloud enables tremendous opportunities but it also brings challenges, including increased cyber security demands.

The relative novelty of cloud storage makes it a potential target for hackers, and some businesses remain sceptical about storing their data in the cloud for this reason.

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Check Point CloudGuard

Cloud Guard

We believe that everyone should have peace of mind when it comes to data storage, which is why we have teamed up with Check Point to deliver exactly that.

Check Point's CloudGuard software provides intuitive cloud management and comprehensive cloud security solutions to protect enterprise data, assets and apps free from even the most sophisticated attacks.

CloudGuard identifies malicious user activity and prevents unauthorised access, securing your company's data with industry-leading next generation security which protects you against zero-day threats, phishing, data leakage and identity theft.

Visit Check Point's website and learn more about their cloud security solutions.

Cloud protection is an essential component to creating a secure cloud environment that works for businesses and customers around the world, allowing them to trust that their data is safe when it is stored online.

Network Armour protects your cloud-based assets from the most sophisticated cyber threats and attacks with intelligent provisioning and consistent control so that you can embrace the cloud with confidence.

Advanced Threat Protection


Advanced Threat Protection protects your data on any application, any cloud, anywhere in the world. We offer complete Threat Prevention Security for Enterprise clouds, and we protect all customer cloud services against the latest generation of sophisticated cyber attacks. Dynamic policy updates and one-click deployments ensure that your cloud-based services are always kept secure.

Your data faces numerous threats on a daily basis: phishing, data leakage, identity fraud, zero-day threats and so on. We provide protection against all these and more so you can feel secure about storing your information in the cloud.