As part of the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), the transport and logistics sector is one of the UK's most important industries.

Supply chains at the heart of the nation's economy rely on this industry, and in recent years there has been a shift towards digitising the transport and logistics sector.

This has many obvious positives, but without adequate protection against cyber attacks, companies will leave themselves vulnerable, and cyber criminals will take advantage. There is usually a weakness somewhere in the supply chain, which can be the key to accessing a wealth of sensitive information.

Cyber criminals know this. They know that it's much easier to target the transport and logistics sector than it is to crack into a bank's highly protected system, but the consequences could be equally severe, causing major disruption to the economy and the functioning of the country.

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We believe in taking simple steps to protect your data and your reputation from disaster. Setting strong user access controls to monitor network access, performing regular backups to our servers, and keeping software up-to-date are just three of the precautions which must be considered.

Ransomware is a particularly big threat to businesses in this sector. With the reliance on mobile devices and cloud storage, a lot of data changes hands on a regular basis, putting it at risk of being hijacked and held to ransom. If the ransom is not paid, the data could be released, damaging security and reputations beyond repair.

If your business is lagging behind, don't worry - Network Armour is one step ahead. We partner with world-class manufacturers like Check Point to provide cutting-edge cyber security solutions which protect cloud storage, information transfer and network access. Let us focus on what we do best so you can do the same.

Cyber Security Services for Transport and Logistics

  • Cloud Protection: Cloud protection is crucial to this industry, with so much sensitive information stored remotely. CloudGuard, the security software created by our partners at Check Point, provides comprehensive cloud security solutions to protect enterprise data, assets and apps from even the most sophisticated attacks.
  • Secure Information Transfer: Data is most vulnerable when it is on the move, so we aim to ensure the secure transfer of information. Encrypting data and sending it via secure channels helps to keep it safe and ensures that it can't be accessed or edited by anyone but the intended recipient.
  • Mobile Threat Prevention: Our first priority when working with the transport and logistics sector is to protect mobile devices and improve cloud storage security. Despite the huge advances in mobile technology, security for such devices is often neglected, leaving them as an obvious vulnerability for hackers to exploit.
  • Network Access Control: Network Access Control ensures that all devices involved in this sector's supply chains are trustworthy and security compliant. This prevents a device from introducing malware to the network and causing damage or downtime as a result.

With so many partners involved in this industry, there is usually an Achilles heel; a weakness waiting to be exploited.