The oil and gas industry is one of the most important sectors to the infrastructure and economy of the United Kingdom.

It is a multi-billion pound industry which is part of the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), meaning that it is necessary for the country to function, and cannot afford any downtime.

This also means that it is a major target for cyberterrorism, as a successful attack could cause widespread disruption and panic. If the oil and gas industry was hit, national security would be significantly compromised, opening the door to further acts of terrorism - cyber or otherwise.

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Cyber Security Services for Oil and Gas

  • Firewall Protection: We safeguard the oil and gas industry by implementing robust firewall solutions to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic, providing the first line of defence against suspicious activity.
  • Security Architecture: Our specialists in security architecture can set up a network design which will secure your business data and ensure compliance with cyber security regulations.
  • Secure Online Backup: Our robust and scalable online backup solutions help to keep sensitive information safe and secure at a remote location. With real time data streaming, downtime will soon become a thing of the past.
  • Disaster Recovery: If your business loses crucial data in an attack, we will strive to recover it and mitigate the damage. We can also identify the source of the breach and take steps to prevent it from happening again.
  • Physical Security: It isn't all about complex technical solutions - we can provide advice on physical security too, ensuring that your infrastructure is adequately protected against tapping and damage.

There is also a huge workforce to consider - thousands of employees working within the industry across the UK and beyond. This heightens the risk of human error, and if personnel data is exposed, a lot of people will be at risk, and some could potentially be targeted with threats or blackmail.

Network Armour takes all these considerations into account and partners with world-class manufacturers to design bespoke security solutions which minimise downtime and maximise efficiency.