Without robust cyber security, law enforcement cannot function effectively - and that's bad news for everyone.

The police store huge amounts of highly sensitive data, the loss of which would be catastrophic. They must ensure compliance with government requirements, and failure to do so will have serious consequences.

If data pertaining to suspects and convicts is stolen, it would be a major breach of data protection laws, and damaging to operations. If data pertaining to staff is stolen, it could be used to blackmail or threaten law enforcement personnel and their families.

Police operations also rely heavily on technology, particularly mobile devices. Law enforcement personnel communicate via mobile networks when they are out and about, and a cyber criminal who hacked into the network would be able to eavesdrop on private communications.

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Cyberterrorists could carefully coordinate an attack to take down communications at a crucial time, preventing police from responding to a crime scene.

Downtime is also not an option in such a high-stakes environment, so a cyber attack which took down the communications, even for a short period of time, would be unthinkable. Network Armour works with law enforcement to prevent situations like this from arising.

We use best-in-class firewalls and cloud protection to ensure that sensitive data is always protected, and we focus on preventing downtime so that crucial communications and processes are never offline.

Cyber Security Services for Law Enforcement

  • Secure Online Backup: Sensitive files should be securely stored and backed up, and any files which have to be transferred must be encrypted and sent via secure internal channels.
  • Mobile Threat Prevention: Security measures must also be in place for on-the-go devices, and there should be backup communication lines in place so that if one is taken down, another can be used.
  • Physical Security: We can provide advice on physical security to ensure that your infrastructure is adequately protected against tapping and damage.
  • Cloud Protection: With so much data stored online, it is imperative that law enforcement uses up-to-date cloud protection. CloudGuard software, developed by our partners at Check Point, allows us to protect your cloud-based assets from even the most sophisticated attacks.
  • Security Architecture: Law enforcement should use an advanced, up-to-date security architecture which is difficult to compromise or disrupt, minimises the impact of any attack, and makes it easy to detect and resolve the problem.