High net worth individuals are more likely to be targeted by cyber attacks for the same reasons that bigger businesses are more likely to be targeted. The greater the prestige of the target, the greater the rewards of a successful attack - not only in terms of monetary gain, but for their higher status as well.

Unlike businesses, for whom theft of sensitive information and loss of profits are the greatest concerns, cyber crimes committed against individuals can be a lot more sinister. If cyber criminals hack into a home network, they may be able to see through webcams, speak through audio devices, and even unlock doors.

Cyber crimes committed against individuals can be used to blackmail and threaten them and their family. Individuals are often targeted persistently until the hackers get what they want, and if they fail to implement appropriate security solutions, they will continue to be left exposed.

High Net Worth Individuals in Lincolnshire

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Network Armour works closely with high net worth individuals to address specific concerns and implement appropriate cyber security solutions, including improvements to IT security and assets, as well as enhancing physical security.

If you choose to work with us, we will conduct a personal on-site assessment to determine your current level of cyber security and how you can improve.

Cyber Security Services for High Net Worth Individuals

  • Network Access Control: Installing a home firewall and network access controls allows you more control over which devices have access to the network, and prevents cyber criminals from using one hacked device to invade your entire home network.
  • Post Attack Recovery: If you have already fallen victim to a cyber attack or data breach, we can help you to recover. We will conduct a detailed review of the breach and take measures to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

You are more likely to fall victim to cyber crime than any other type of crime in the UK.