8th March 2019

When a primary school asked us to help them with their network, we couldn't believe what we found...it was quite literally shocking.

A network cabinet in a classroom gave anyone who touched it an electric shock. The cause? The cabinet had not been correctly fitted to the wall and had chafed through a mains cable. Anyone touching the cabinet completed the circuit and received an electric shock. The cabinet was mounted high on the wall, but was still accessible to a curious pupil.

We embarked on a project to replace the whole IT infrastructure and provide support to transition from a poorly-structured network to a segmented and secure one which protects pupils and staff alike.

We found similar issues in another primary school. A network switch had been mounted on the floor, with coils of network and mains cables assembled in a nest-like formation around it. The technician who had thought this to be satisfactory had left no warning of any danger, save for a laminated sign on top of the nest advising "Handbags or Feet Should Not Be Placed Here."

Due to the large scale of the project, the deployment had to be phased in over a number of terms so as to minimise disruption to teaching.

This is a challenging and often demanding task which is progressing well.